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When the 2013-2014 La Liga season started, there were very few punters who would have suggested that fans should place bets on Atletico Madrid to emerge as winners. Madrid’s second club have a huge following in Spain, and they were much improved under Diego Simeone, but were still viewed as perennial losers. The loss of […]

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As in most sports, gambling on a specific sport is prohibited by the players participating in that sport. Newcastle’s reserve midfielder Dan Gosling has now admitted to betting on Football Association (FA) games on multiple occasions. He will soon be required to appear in a hearing before the FA board on for multiple rule violations. […]

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It seems that is currently predicting a major boom in offered bonuses as the various casinos prepare to go to war during 2014. This year is expected to give a bonus boom to the games industry now that more and more online casinos are looking to fight to get a good piece of the […]

Raising the Stakes on Fraud

Posted: 17th December 2013 by Paul in Betting Basics
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Crime related to identity theft and larceny on both the large and small scale is becoming a growing problem in the world of gaming as it experiences massive growth. However, the authorities are reacting to this trend and taking the measures they deem necessary to protect both the players and the gaming organizations that can […]

Time Spins Forward

Posted: 26th November 2013 by Paul in Betting Basics
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Some players may feel that any games other than variations on poker and baccarat are suffering when it comes to the big money makers in Vegas and in popular, online casinos. However, this assumption is far from the truth. Many of the classics that have made casinos beloved destinations are still strong in the world […]