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Gambling Fame

Posted: 15th September 2014 by Polina in News

Gambling has always been popular and always will be popular. That’s because it’s so entertaining, so exciting. The thrill of gambling comes from the risks involved. To gamble, you put at stake a certain amount of money in hopes of winning a larger amount. As such, you’re personally invested in the outcome of every casino […]

Offline Casinos Limit Fantasy Bets

Posted: 18th November 2013 by Paul in News
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When fantasy betting became legal in the United States, many gamblers found themselves rushing to their local casinos to make a few bets. Those players were likely surprised when they discovered that the casinos either limited their bets or didn’t let them make a bet. Casinos use a special system that determines how a person […]

Famous Online Casino Games

Posted: 8th October 2013 by Paul in News
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Online casinos have seen an unprecedented rise in popularity in recent years. Whilst the most famous online casino games change over time, there are certain games that always stay popular among punters who enjoy playing in online casinos. Most Famous Online Casino Games Video Poker – When video poker is played online, it looks more […]

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Special legislation passed in South Australia has given Adelaide‘s SkyCity Entertainment Group the go-ahead to create an A$300 million riverside complex expansion. Some are calling it a game-changer when it comes to the entertainment group’s bottom line and casino gambling in South Australia. The South Australia government put into play legislation extending an exclusive casino […]

Greece Protects Its Own Online Casinos, Rejects Others

Posted: 10th September 2013 by Paul in News
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Greece has had a long history of protecting their own online casino game providers while deterring those from other areas. It is their belief that protecting this monopoly within their own borders will help keep more of the money from the gambling industry inside their own borders rather than potentially losing some of it from […]