It seems that is currently predicting a major boom in offered bonuses as the various casinos prepare to go to war during 2014. This year is expected to give a bonus boom to the games industry now that more and more online casinos are looking to fight to get a good piece of the market, prompting to predict this year will set the biggest waves for this sector in the last 15 years.

It is no secret that the Internet has grown so much since it first started, especially just in the last 12 months; the year ahead looks to only further expand on that fold, but what will that mean for the various entertainment industries that place such focus on folks who connect online? More Google surfers and clickers to gaming websites means there will be more sales and, as a result, there will be more competition, which can only lead to more aggressive strategies for marketing from the different companies by using bigger incentives to draw in players; in fact, there are some who would refer to this sequence of events as a bonus boom.

This is precisely what the folks at have coined this prediction as the site even predicts that the more reputable online casinos will engage in a major war with one another.

The website also believes that the independent operators run by the more tech-savvy individuals will be the ones to truly revolutionize modern gaming as we currently know it thanks to the mining of fresh new ideas for the online gambling industry. These brand new casinos are likely to boast higher rates of success with more dynamic platforms and a better evolution of social ability while being less greedy with profits or even being sacrificial to draw in new players with outstanding bonus packages.

The expected casino promo war of 2014 will certainly be a result of the new casinos fighting each other for new members while dominating brands fight to retain their members. New members will definitely enjoy the pick of the crop while those already gambling might be offered a loyalty package that could be worth even thousands of pounds.

The team at the website that also monitors the casino trends in the seasons says that January is still among the strongest months for online gamblers and promotions.

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