As in most sports, gambling on a specific sport is prohibited by the players participating in that sport. Newcastle’s reserve midfielder Dan Gosling has now admitted to betting on Football Association (FA) games on multiple occasions. He will soon be required to appear in a hearing before the FA board on for multiple rule violations.

Dan GoslingAccording to Rule E8(b) of the FA’s regulations. a player “shall not bet, either directly or indirectly” on any match in which he or his team plays or any tournament or league in which he or his team is a participant. The player must refrain from betting in “any other matter concerning or related to any club participating in any league competition that the participant is participating in or has participated in during that season.”

While Gosling admitted to betting on soccer matches, the violations apparently don’t involved matches played by Newcastle or Blackpool where he was playing earlier in the season. The 24-year-old midfielder has been used mostly as a reserve since his return from the stint with Blackpool. He did play as a regular with Blackpool in the Championship league. He faces suspension and possible fines.

Gosling’s professional career began in 2006 as a 16-year-old with the Plymouth Argyle. In 2008, he signed his first major league contract with Everton of the Premier League. His contract expired in June of 2010 and the next month, he was picked up and signed by Newcastle where he has mostly been used as a utility substitute.

Other recent betting rules violations include Tottenham midfielder Andros Townsend being suspended last June for three months and assessed a 18,000 pound fine. In August of last year, Crystal Palace striker Cameron Jerome received a £50,000 fine for gambling on soccer. In both of these cases, it is believed that none of the violations involved any match in which the player or their team was a participant. The FA has made it clear they have zero tolerance for violation of the betting rules.