Offline Casinos Limit Fantasy Bets

Posted: 18th November 2013 by Paul in News
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When fantasy betting became legal in the United States, many gamblers found themselves rushing to their local casinos to make a few bets. Those players were likely surprised when they discovered that the casinos either limited their bets or didn’t let them make a bet. Casinos use a special system that determines how a person wins when making a bet. Those casinos look at the winner of the game, the point difference and a number of other factors before deciding how much a player can win. Fantasy betting takes more time and effort, which led to many casinos banning fantasy bets.

Casinos Limit Fantsy BetsThink about it this way: with a fantasy bet, you make a bet that lasts throughout the season. The casino won’t know if it makes or loses money for several months. With a traditional bet, it only takes a few hours for the casino to see what happened and either pay out the money or take money from the player. Despite the popularity of fantasy teams, it seems like some casinos aren’t willing to take the chance on those games. Online betting is a better alternative for those interested in fantasy sports.

Designed Around Winning Big

There is nothing more tempting to new and established players in the world of casinos and gaming than ever-climbing jackpots. Gaming establishments all over the world realize this fact and are constantly incorporating huge jackpots into promotions on a consistent basis. Essentially, the bigger the payout, the bigger the game. Bad Beat is just one game that is increasing the excitement in the action by substantially raising their jackpot in a very short period of time. The rise in potential winnings for players also comes only 48 hours after the game gave a payout of $330,000 that went to 19 different players who were scoring big while playing Texas Hold’em.

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