Raising the Stakes on Fraud

Posted: 17th December 2013 by Paul in Betting Basics


Crime related to identity theft and larceny on both the large and small scale is becoming a growing problem in the world of gaming as it experiences massive growth. However, the authorities are reacting to this trend and taking the measures they deem necessary to protect both the players and the gaming organizations that can easily become the victims of these types of crimes. Just one example of this increased attention from law enforcement in the gaming industry is the presence of the authorities at the upcoming ICE Totally Gaming Conference. The Metropolitan Police Force has plans to be in attendance in big numbers. According to the law enforcement agency, they plan on making themselves known in such a big way as part of an effort to disrupt and curb the activities of Organized Criminal Networks that are consistently infiltrating this industry.

Fraud is one of the primary activities that the authorities plan on fighting against. They will be operating a full-force security team and outreach effort from their very own booth during this conference. The organizing detective has plans to spend the majority of the time at the conference forming connections and relationships with customers, operators, suppliers, and regulators so that they can work more closely to battle fraud in the future. The authorities have chosen the ICE Totally Gaming conference as their first major effort in this regard due to the fact that it is the largest exhibition of its kind in the industry.

The Metropolitan Police Force also cites this opportunity as being ideal for giving the gaming industry assurance that the authorities have the people and the tools in place that can protect them against fraud and other threats that face the players and the industry as a whole. Among the critical conversations that will be taking place are preventative strategies against fraud and a question and answer session with attendees that will be held by the Fraud Squad’s Operation Stirling. London gaming will benefit from the increased efforts as attacks on both the front and back of the houses in the gaming industry increase with the passing of time.