Time Spins Forward

Posted: 26th November 2013 by Paul in Betting Basics
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play-roulette.-gifSome players may feel that any games other than variations on poker and baccarat are suffering when it comes to the big money makers in Vegas and in popular, online casinos. However, this assumption is far from the truth. Many of the classics that have made casinos beloved destinations are still strong in the world of gaming. Roulette still has a major presence when you walk into any casino, virtual or not. This simple game that involves a considerable amount of skill in terms of betting has not lost its appeal among gamers both young and old. The excitement is still alive and there is plenty of evidence, investors, and plans for the future of this game that can prove it.

Reputation and History

You will certainly hear some speculators talk about the potential of games that could possibly usurp the standings of Roulette. Among the names that have gathered some buzz as of late are Caribbean Stud, Four-card Poker, Let It Ride, and Three-card. These games are sure to grow over the next ten years, although, it is a shot in the dark to claim that they will completely take the place of the standards that are responsible for a considerable amount of revenue on the Strip.

Coming Home Happy

Roulette has a rich history behind it as well, making it an enticing game for people who are new to the scene. Its roots lie in Europe and it quickly spread throughout America once trade routes were established. It is also a game that is dynamic when it comes to odds and the betting in which players engage. The house typically has a sharp edge, but players can make their moves wisely in order to make the odds play to their favor in a major way. It is unlikely that roulette will ever challenge popular games such as slots when it comes to the stars of the casino floors from a financial standpoint, however, the strategies developed for excelling in this game keep people coming back for more. Among the most popular techniques developed to come home a winner are “long-range winning,” “wheel clocking,” and game play that changes based on the speed of spins for the wheel.